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Become a VIP member by holding GrowersCoin


Most websites provide features by charging their users, but here at Growers International we take a different approach: we encourage our users to save money, and by doing it, they gain access to extras.

The tiers system

By creating an account in our Grower Club, the "Newcomer" level is set to you. When you bind a Blockchain Financial account to your Grower Club account, we'll begin to check your GrowersCoin balance, and depending on how much your balance is, you'll be automatically promoted to one of our tiers:

  • Hold   1,000 GRWI for Tier 1
  • Hold   2,500 GRWI for Tier 2
  • Hold   3,000 GRWI for Tier 3
  • Hold   5,000 GRWI for Tier 4
  • Hold 20,000 GRWI for Tier 5

Features by tier

* Features not yet available.

How to bind your account at Blockchain Financial

If you haven't created an account on Blockchain Financial, first go and create it now. Then login after you've confirmed your email address and follow the next steps:

1. Go to "My account" page:
2. Scroll down to the "API access keys" area and hit on the "Add" button:
3. Set the name of the app to "Grower Club" and hit the "Save" button:

Then, back on Grower Club:

Go to the "Preferences" editor:
Paste the public and secret keys in the corresponding text boxes on the "Blockchain Financial Integration" section:

Once you paste the keys, scroll down and hit "Save" at the end of the page. That's all!

The next time our bot runs, it will check your GRWI balance, set the corresponding tier to your account and notify you.