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Become a VIP without holding GRWI


We received requests by several users to gain access to GrowBot and other of our membership benefits by paying in crypto for lifetime access. We worked on it and now it is available!

Tier 3
USD $300

Create your own shop on Grower Supplies,
Get discounts on Grower Supplies,
Get ad spots on Grower News,
Get giveaways on Grower Supplies,
Access basic trading in GrowBot
Tier 4
USD $500

Tier 3 features plus:
Trading forums and chat,
CRM platform when available,
Advanced GrowBot features (timed trades, trigger based trades, testing mode)
Tier 5
USD $1,000

Tier 4 features plus:
Whale forums and chat,
Whale tasks on GrowBot


Before proceeding:

  • In order to make the payment, you'll need a properly funded account at Blockchain Financial. If you don't have it, you'll be able to create it and fund it from the CryptoWiz wizard on checkout.
  • Once the payment is received, the script will create an API keypair on the paying account at Blockchain Financial and send it to the Grower Club server so both accounts are tied up.
  • If you have an open session here, any existing BCF API keypair will be replaced with the new one.
  • If you don't have an open session here, the details for your new Grower Account below (visible only for guests) will be used to create the account on our server and bind it with the paying account at BCF. You'll receive a temporary password by email so you can login and change it afterwards.
  • If you provide details for a new Grower Club account and the user name already exists, a numeric seed will be appended. The only way to prevent this is if you register a Grower Club account and login beforehand.

Place your order now

Select your tier:

Details for your new Grower Club account:
User name:
Payments are processed through Blockchain Financial - pay with one or more cryptocurrencies!


Needing help? Send us a message using our contact form.